We meet many people every day, but only some leave a mark, and one of them is Kelly McGee. She is one hard working woman. In all my IT job hunts, I have dealt directly with a lot of IT recruiters. Of these recruiters, Kelly McGee was the best. In terms of professionalism, ethics, and attentiveness. Kelly made me feel like I have an ally in the recruitment space. She is always ready to lend an ear, to understand your aspiration and give the best advise based on her past experiences or encounters. She literally makes me wonder whether there is a way I could show her my gratitude and grant her the full credit she deserves. If ever I am to be in the IT job market Kelly McGee is the first person to call

- Gomba

I have used Kelly as a recruitment consultant, and I can highly recommend her as I have found her to be professional and pleasant to work with. She is very efficient and excellent at conveying information and effectively linking up the right people with the right companies.

- Brett

To the reader I have known Kelly professionally since September 2013, to prove that Kelly is more than just a job placement agent, I have kept her on my list of key contacts, which is a very short one. Kelly in my experience provided a personal touch to ensuring I got placed in an organisation that not only suited my skills but also one in which my career could blossom. Over the years Kelly has maintained regular check-ups with me to find out if I am happy (meaning if I wasn't, she would be back to seeking a suitable employer). I have no doubt about Kelly's professional capability, and highly recommend her with no hesitation to anyone seeking to grow their career or moreso to have Kelly on their team.

- Simbarashe

Kelly McGee knows great and exceptional talent when she sees it! She pays attention, shows empathy and professionalism in her engagement to meet expectations of parties that she represents. I couldn't be prouder of the work she continues to do to provide human resources to meet the technical / skilled IT requirements to help grow businesses in South Africa.

- Eddie

Kelly is a fantastic recruitment agent. She is efficient, follows up speedily and gets the job done without hassles or time-wasting. She has helped me hire several great developers. If you are looking for a solid recruiter, Kelly is certainly the right choice.

- Bhavna

Kelly has been a real joy to work with. Her willingness to go the extra mile when I needed it the most speaks volumes about her commitment to her clients. She advised me on numerous occasions about what to do and each time she was spot on. It was also a nice touch that she checked on me even after I started a new job to see how I was doing and to encourage me. The best consultant by far!

- Gcina

Oozing of competence and extra mile are the phrases that come to mind when I think of Kelly. I had the pleasure of having Kelly as an agent in my journey of job searching as a software developer. It’s not just the fact that she helped me get a great placement but the way that she did it. If you are looking for a smart, talented, organized and an agent in this field who is knowledgeable about the field look no further than Kelly. She made sure I’m not left at the dark about anything.

- Bonginhlanhla

I am very honoured to have worked with Kelly, she is a simply a cut above the rest. She is a joy to work with and I highly recommend her.

- Elton

Kelly McGee is the best recruiter that I have ever met! She helped me get a job within 2 weeks of my first meeting with her. She provided me with resources that helped gain a greater insight into the area I wanted to go into. Which in turn made the interview easier as I knew a lot about the job I was applying for. When you work with Kelly you also have his personal number which makes it easy for you to communicate with her and she only puts you forward for roles you are suitable for.

- Lumko

Kelly is a strategic thinker with a solid understanding of the IT space and requirements within it. She is able to identify specific requirements based on client briefs and in turn is very successful in sourcing the perfect candidate to match.

- Craig

Kelly is a very helpful, patient and goal-oriented person. She is straight forward, focused, and very well connected. In a short space of time, she was able to present me with opportunities that were in line with my skills and specific desires. Thanks Kelly!

- Willie

Kelly is a well-trained business person, well trained in HR. She has very good people skills and finds it hard to disappoint people.

- Simon

Easy to talk to, understandable, highly intelligent, and efficient. A proper professional at what she does.

- Ashvir

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