Senior DevOps Engineer

Remote | R70 000 – R80 000 (negotiable)


  • Senior-level knowledge and experience of common IaC and related build and deployment tools, including, but not limited to, Azure DevOps Pipelines, Terraform, Ansible, Octopus Deploy, etc.
  • Formal training in computer science/IT engineering to a tertiary level.
  • Hard working, high tolerance for change, keen to both learn and help others.
  • Senior-level knowledge and experience in:
    • the software deployment process and tools like git.
    • the Azure portal and common services, scripting languages, e.g., PowerShell, Bash, provisioning, configuring, and managing cloud environments on Azure. Bonus points for AWS and GCP if available.
  • Azure resource cost reduction practices.
  • Configuring and supporting Microsoft Windows environments to prepare for deployment.
  • Building, managing, and maintaining Windows servers in a multi-tier multi-server environment.
  • Architecture and design principles for modern web and cloud architectures.
  • Agile development methods, tools, and processes such as SCRUM, FDD, TDD.


  • Deliver product and billable customer development activities.
  • Assist with existing customer engagement and internal service activities.
  • Contribute to infrastructure and deployment design and implementation.
  • Responsible for software build, deployment, and release activities, as well as building, deploying, and releasing documentation.
  • Responsible for building and maintaining environments.
  • Contribute to general system support and maintenance.
  • Help maintain code quality, organisation, and automation.
  • Mentoring and training team members.
  • Contribute to leading innovation, to maintain best practice in the evolving DevOps space.
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