Power BI Consultant

Johannesburg | R70 000


  • Know and understand how and when to recommend the Power BI platform.
  • Microsoft Power BI certifications.
  • Plan and implement Power BI connections to data sources.
  • Create views and aggregate data sets within data warehouses.
  • Data Sourcing, including data connections, settings, queries, and query performance issues.
  • Clean, transform, and load data.
  • Plan and Implement Data Models & DAX.
  • Recommend an efficient calculation method – via Power BI or Data Warehouse.
  • Analyse and validate results.
  • Design a data model, including table definitions, relationships, measures, hierarchies, cardinality, granularity, and performance considerations.
  • Develop a data model, including filtering, calculated tables/columns, and row-level security.
  • Create measures by using DAX for complex calculations, filters, time intelligence, statistics, etc.
  • Optimize model performance through aggregations and other methods.
  • Design Dashboards and Develop Visualizations/Reports.
  • Plan and implement performance best practices.
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